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Valentine’s Day Honey Buzz

Buzzz……. it’s almost Valentine’s Day! If you have a sweetheart, it is time to start planning a lovely day or night in or out. Little Giant Beekeepers has a few ideas that involve a couple of our favorite things – bees and honey!

Some people dislike dining out on Valentine ’s Day due to overpriced prix fix meals and the large crowds. Many peeps would rather stay home and cook with their honey. But on a night like Valentine’s Day just a regular meal won’t cut it – you need something special, so bring on the honey. How about The Splendid Tables, Black Pepper Honey Steak? The sugar in the honey creates a perfect crust on the outside and yields a tender and delicious inside. The sweet and salty flavors meld for a great grilling combination.

Spend more time heating things up in the kitchen and make date night a cooking night with these Greek delicacies, loukoumades, or honey balls. Once these donut-like creations are fried, soak them in honey and cover in chopped walnuts. They may be a challenge to make, but that’s part of the date fun!

Flowers, chocolate, what about bees? Bee designs are making a buzz right now and why not incorporate some into your gift equation? Etsy is a great resource for adorable bee necklaces. Some motifs never go out of style! From the delicate to the ornate, there is one to fit anyone’s style and budget. Looking for a high-end version? Let’s not forget the one that comes in a little blue box. This piece of jewelry will be sure to become a family heirloom.

A couple that plays together stays together! How about starting a new hobby you both can enjoy? Beekeeping is a hobby that is good for you and the environment. And every one looks good in a beekeeper suit- right? Believe it not all you really need to get started is a backyard and some patience.

Another fun gift with buzz is a  jacquard bee tie. Bees are having a design moment.  This regal tie is both fun and elegant. Pair it with a slim fit black suit and you are ready to roll. Here is another more expensive version by none other than Gucci.

Let’s not forget the kids’ valentines! Pinterest it up a bit this year! Parents get tired of all the sugar that comes home, so how about something more natural? How about giving individual honey sticks with a sweet note attached, “Bee My Valentine.” The free printable is here. You can find honey sticks at home good stores or on Amazon.

Of course, we love bees and honey at Little Giant Beekeepers! We also know people do not want them residing in their house. If you’re are looking for a live hive honeybee removal company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are your Valentine! Call us at 972-316-9135 to ask questions and to schedule an appointment today

Happy New Year from the Little Giant Beekeepers Team

Here’s to a happy & healthy 2019!

We want to thank all our customers and our staff that make every day fun and exciting. We couldn’t do it without you all!

We had some company shenanigans over the break celebrating the holidays!  Little Giant Beekeepers would like you to meet some of our staff who have made our parties and work life fun over the last few of years!

Jefferson (LEFT) – Lead bee technician and our resident comedian (as shown by his jaunty Christmas suit!). He might be at your house to help you with bees and we guarantee he will keep you entertained!  Interesting fact: He is from Brazil.

Louise Wright (RIGHT) – Meet Little Giant Beekeepers owner, Louise. She got into beekeeping when she was looking for a natural alternative to help her allergies. She and her husband Harold soon became fascinated with all the neat things bees and beekeeping could offer and BOOM – a business was born!


Gail (LEFT) – If you call on a Sunday you will get Gail on the phone to answer your bee questions!
Melanie (RIGHT) – Our back up bee phone Gal!


Manoel (LEFT) – Here he is enjoying some Brazilian food with a friend.  Manoel is another one of our friendly bee technicians who also happens to hail from Brazil!


Sandor (CENTER) – Here is Sandor, his lovely wife (LEFT) and Louise (RIGHT).  Sandor is one of our beehive removal experts and has been working with us for over 35 years. He is also a retired US Army veteran, and we are grateful for his service.


Missy (LEFT), Jefferson (CENTER), anonymous photobomber and let’s not forget Esther (RIGHT), our fearless behind the scenes bee leader!!  She keeps the team together and in line!


KYLE and his wife – These friendly faces are another one of our helpful hive removal technicians.  Even with six kids they still manage to get together matching sweaters for our annual Christmas sweater party!


Everyone frantically playing the Saran Wrap game!  Esther wrapped lots of goodies and gift cards in Saran Wrap. You must rip through the saran ball before the next person lands on a double in dice. When they land on a double you pass the ball around. It’s a blast, especially when you get something good – gift cards galore!


MISSY – Call Little Giant Beekeepers to schedule an appointment or ask questions and you are likely to get our bee girl extraordinaire Missy! She can answer all your questions, with a smile and a lovely southern accent.


Missy (RIGHT), Jefferson (LEFT) and Mary (on Facetime)!  Mary was out of town and Facetime-d in for our annual holiday party. We are sooooo tech savvy!


MARY – Meet Mary, our honeybee “aficionado!”  She truly is an encyclopedia of flying insect knowledge and much more. Rarely can you stump her when it comes to questions about bees. Call her and give her a try!  She has worked at Little Giant Beekeepers for many years and is a big part of the team.



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