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Bee Proofing

Why Bee Proof or Have a Pest Exclusion Performed on Your Home?
Honeybees and other small animals love to build nests in the walls, eaves, attics and even under the foundation of the home because they find protection from the elements and will usually have plenty of room to expand. This is a huge problem for homeowners because the longer a beehive or other small animal exists in one’s home, the greater the risk of damage.

What Kind of Damage Do Animals Cause?
We all love animals, but not when they invade your home bringing disease and destruction with them. Animal pests can destroy lawns and gardens. If they take up residence in your home, they can cause structural damage, damage to plumbing and insulation, and chew on electrical wiring, which could lead to fires and other possible hazards. In addition they can bring parasites and bacteria that pose serious health risks to your family.


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