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How to Bee Proof Your Home

Whether you’ve had a previous bee infestation, or are just trying to prevent one, there are several easy ways you can protect your house. We’ve listed the most common ways bees find their way into homes, and the best fixes to keep that from happening. Please remember, if you stumble on an active beehive to call an expert trained in hive removal. Don’t try to remove it yourself.

Look for Cracks, Holes, and Gaps

Bees aren’t the smallest bugs, but they can fit through extremely tiny cracks or holes. As small as 1/8th of an inch wide. Check your foundation, walls, and eaves for cracks and gaps in the siding that would allow bees, or any other bugs to enter your home. Fix any loose trim, or use an expandable foam or caulk to seal off cracks. As your home shifts over time and the outside trim ages, it’s a good idea to recheck these areas again each year for signs of wear.

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Honey Bee Hiding Places

Crazy Unexpected Places Where Honey Bees Make Their Homes

Bees are very adaptable insects and will make their home in some unexpected places. But unless you’ve stumbled upon their nest, you may not be sure exactly where they are coming from. We recommend always calling an experienced professional bee removal company like Little Giant Beekeepers, which is a safer experience for both you and the bees.

Check these not so common areas around your home or property to locate the potential source and keep a friendly distance until they can be moved.

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