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The Worker Bee — She Works Hard for the Honey

We explored the queen bee and all her glory in our last post. Now let’s take a closer look at the wind beneath her wings — the worker bee. 

Like the queen bee, worker bees are female. But unlike the queen bee, they cannot reproduce. They are exceptionally hard workers and do most of the jobs to keep the hive running. Feeding the queen, housekeeping, collecting pollen and nectar, and making wax are just some of the roles a worker bee will have in their short life. 

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Welcome to the Beehive: The Queen Bee

Bees are fascinating creatures, and the inner-workings of their hive offers an amazing example of a cohesive unified community. That being said, it is not a community that you want to grow inside the eaves or roof of your home.  Little Giant Beekeepers can help relocate bees in North Texas from your home or yard to an apiary.

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The Most Interesting Insect in the World – Honey Bee Facts

Facts About Honeybees

You may think you know a lot about honeybees, but there is always more to learn about this fascinating creature. Did you know that honeybees are the only insect that produces food consumed by humans? Or that honey is the one food that never goes bad?  Did you know that honeybees are responsible for one-third of our crops, thanks to their pollinating skills? Truly, honeybees are fascinating creatures.

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Why Honeybees Swarm in Spring

Spring is in the air! Warmer temperatures bring everyone out to enjoy the great outdoors, including honeybees. When Spring rolls around, Mary, Missy and Gail, our amazing bee phone call specialists, start to get some panicky calls from Dallas /Fort Worth customers about honeybee swarms.

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