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What’s up with murder hornets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Strange times. And to add to the current state of events is the arrival of a new ominous pest we must worry about, known by the fear-inducing nickname, the “murder hornet.”

In actuality, they are not new, just new to the United States.


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Happy New Year from the Our Team

Here’s to a happy & healthy 2019!

We want to thank all our customers and our staff that make every day fun and exciting. We couldn’t do it without you all!

We had some company shenanigans over the break celebrating the holidays!  Little Giant Beekeepers would like you to meet some of our staff who have made our parties and work life fun over the last few of years!

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Bees Featured in Recent Texas Monthly Article

Bees are nature’s fertilizer, making gardens and crops heathier with better yields for harvest. With the increasing extinction of the native Texas bees, more people than ever are learning about urban beekeeping and turning to local beekeepers to start a hive.

Texas Monthly interviews a Texas beekeeper and provides her perspective on the best ways to raise bees and tips for getting started.

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