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How Fast Can Bees Invade a House or Structure?

Bees which start as a little buzz in your garden can quickly take over your house or property. As the hives grow, the bees invade your propery and keep building out, filling whatever space they find. If the bees take over an out of the way space, or somewhere that is hard to access, then you may not be aware of them until they’ve grown much larger. If this happens inside one of your walls, you will have a substantial area covered in a bee hive within a few months.

Because the majority of bee colonies won’t survive the cold winter, they are extremely efficient at what they do. They have a limited time to get everything finished and set up for the next year. In early spring, the hibernating queens and larvae wake up and get right back to work. This is a common time to see swarms flying around as they are searching for their next hive location.

Bees have a short lifespan of about 3 to 6 weeks during the active season. The queen in each colony can lay several thousand eggs in a day. The process to reproduce is only around 20 days, so new bees are being generated exponentially throughout the early season. Once the swarm has chosen a place to start building, the hive can grow to be several pounds within the first week or two.

As this process moves along into the summer, the hives can reach anywhere from 20 to 40 thousand bees at full capacity. The amount of honey, pollen, and other contents of the hive become extremely heavy. Mature colonies can easily weigh over 100 pounds.

Hopefully, you realize right away if you might have a hive on your property before they grow to this level. In North Texas, we often have mild winters. For the bee colonies, this means that they could keep actively building their hive for even longer, leaving you with a much larger problem.

Bee removal is always better when done early. Act now before bees invade your house and prevent damage, meaning less repair after the removal process. If you see a hive or suspect there is one nearby, please call Little Giant Beekeepers and Bee Removal Specialists. We’ve been proudly serving North Texas for over 30 years.

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