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Honey Bee Hiding Places

Crazy Unexpected Places Where Honey Bees Make Their Homes

Bees are very adaptable insects and will make their home in some unexpected places. But unless you’ve stumbled upon their nest, you may not be sure exactly where they are coming from. We recommend always calling an experienced professional bee removal company like Little Giant Beekeepers, which is a safer experience for both you and the bees.

Check these not so common areas around your home or property to locate the potential source and keep a friendly distance until they can be moved.

Trees, Poles, and Posts

Any hollow object is a potential spot for a beehive. Fence posts, old logs, and poles of any kind make a sturdy and protective enclosure. Wood is an especially good material for bees and other insects to nest because there’s plenty of it around, and it offers protection for their hive.

Barbecues and Birdhouses

These common backyard items are perfect nesting places for bees and other creatures. Especially if they’ve sat unused for any length of time. It’s also smart to check for signs of bees living in flowerpots, compost bins, sheds, or any other garden equipment that surrounds your property.

Your House

Bees love your house and will do some creative building to make their hive in part of your home. They are most easily spotted under the roof eaves, and in rain gutters. It’s a little harder to find them if they’ve set up shop in your chimney, attic, or even inside the walls. They are often able to enter through small holes or cracks made by electrical equipment running into the house, or when the foundation shifts.

While bees are a great friend to nature, they can be a hazard to families and pets if they make their home a little too close to yours. If you suspect that there is a hive nearby, it’s best to contact the experts to safely extract the bees and relocate them.

Little Giant Beekeepers are the people you want to call for fast and easy bee removal services in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. We offer several options for bee removal and other stinging insects.

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