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Honey Valentine Gift Ideas for your Honey

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Love is in the air, but do you have a valentine gift planned for your honey? Is your heart pounding because you don’t know what to get your honey for Valentine’s Day? Sure, a little blue box is lovely, but it’s not the perfect fit for all gift recipients. Here are some Valentine’s ideas Little Giant Beekeepers has come up with to make your love’s heart pound…and you relax because you found a great gift.

They say a couple that hobbies together stay together, so why not start a new one you both can enjoy? Beekeeping is picking up momentum as a fun, unique backyard hobby. We won’t lie, it’s not as easy as a Netflix bingefest, but once you get it going, it can bring joy for years to come. It’s often a shared hobby because it is a little labor intensive. A hobby that helps the environment and a couple, what’s not to love? Also, this truly is the gift that keeps on giving… honey.

Now that we are talking ambitious gifts, how about a Valentine’s home reno project a couple can get behind? Why not update a backsplash or bathroom floor with this adorable honeycomb tile design?  Retiling a bathroom or backsplash might not seem that romantic at first, but there are tons of couple reno shows on cable now so why not give it a try yourself? If you ask us, the hexagon or honeycomb, is the new subway tile and, it’s #trending everywhere!  Bees have known this for ions of course, but the hexagon is not only aesthetically pleasing it is also a super strong design. According to Sue Cobey, a bee researcher at Washington State University, “The geometry of this shape uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight.” Man, those bees are smart.

How about some less ambitious Valentine’s plans? Say, you’re gonna plan a lovely candlelight meal with your honey at home. Well, nothing speaks romance more than the dim glow of candles. How about some candles that won’t interfere with the smell of your dinner? Real honeycomb wax candles are a beautiful way to light the night and won’t emit a floral or fruity smell like so many candles, a perfect accompaniment to our next idea.

Light the beeswax candles and make a romantic dinner. Steak anyone? Honey plays a role in the perfect marinade. Here is a delicious black pepper honey steak recipe from the Splendid Table. The honey, garlic, and red wine recipe had us salivating. Enjoying your dinner with the family, including the littles? How about making homemade chicken tenders and creating your own ever-popular honey mustard sauce?

Getting ready for a big Valentine’s night out? Don’t forget the honey Valentine gift! Honey has played a role in women’s beauty routines since before Cleopatra. Her most famous beauty secret was her ritual of bathing in milk and honey. The lactic acid in milk acts as an exfoliate, and the soothing honey makes you soft and smell wonderful. Get ready for date night by adding 2 cups of milk and ½ cup of honey to your bath at home. Cleopatra also used honey in a face mask. Blend 1 tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of cream and let it set for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and get ready to glow.

Of course, we love bees and honey at Little Giant Beekeepers! But, we also realize you don’t want them residing in the eaves of your house. If you’re are looking for a live hive honeybee removal company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are your Valentine! Call us at 972-980-0923 to ask questions and to schedule an appointment today.

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