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What is a Live Honeybee Hive Removal?

A live honeybee hive removal is when a bee removal company removes the bee colony and hive alive and relocates the bees to an apiary. Our company, Little Giant Beekeepers & Bee Removal Specialists, performs live honey bee hive removals all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

A swarm of honeybees can take up residence in some unexpected places, like your house! Honeybees particularly like older homes without wall insulation and often build behind an eave, siding, or wall. They can move into a structure through tiny cracks, as little as 5/16 of an inch! Once a swarm moves in, they begin to create a hive and honeycombs quickly. A queen can lay 1,500-2,000 eggs a day. An established hive can contain an average of 60,000 honey bees. A honeybee hive can grow rather large in a short time if not removed properly by a bee removal professional, like Little Giant Beekeepers and Bee Removal Specialists.

Once honeybees are established in a home it takes several steps to properly perform a removal. The first step of a live honeybee hive removal is finding the area where the bees are located. Once our technician locates the area of activity he will open the cavity in which the bees are located. It is hard to know the size of the colony until the space they are occupying is open.

Our highly trained bee technician will then remove the bees with a bee vacuum. This is a piece of equipment created to safely remove the bees from the space. The bees are then relocated to a container for safe keeping. Our bee technician will remove the hive and honeycombs from the area and clean out space with soap and water followed by bleach. If the area is not properly cleaned out, you might get bees in the same spot again because they can smell the pheromones left from previous bees and return. Needless to say, the cleaning step is important! After cleaning, we hard pack the area with insulation, another bee deterrent. We receive many calls from people who have had bees removed by other companies who did not properly clean the old hive area. Guess what that means? Bees again in the same spot!

Our bee removal experts have a background in bee removal as well as carpentry. At this point, the carpentry skills come into play. We replace all existing materials, for example, wood or siding, and leave the structure exterior exactly as it was before the bees were removed. We make sure all holes are completely sealed so no bees can get in again.

After the job is complete we will safely relocate the bees to a local apiary, a safe place where bees can go about being bees and making lots of honey.

There are some situations which make a live removal extremely difficult or in some cases too costly to remove and repair.  For example, if a bee colony occupies a space enclosed by cement, stone, or brick, a live removal might not be possible without the assistance of a brick or stone mason. No matter what, Little Giant Beekeepers & Bee Removal specialists can help you determine the right treatment for your specific needs and budget.

These are the basics of a Little Giant Beekeepers and Bee Removal Specialists live honeybee hive removal. We warranty all of our work, providing a five-year warranty for all removals performed by our company. Please feel free to call us at 972-980-0923 for a free live hive removal estimate.

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