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Wasp Control in Fort Worth

Get Rid of Wasp Nests with Expert Wasp Control in Fort Worth

The type of nest produced by wasps can depend on the species and geographic location. Some wasp nests, such as those of mud daubers and potter wasps, are above ground and are constructed of mud attached to twigs, rocks, or human structures. The simplest mud nests contain only one or a few larval cells and are not used by the adults.

Other mud nests contain many cells arranged side by side and have significant traffic. Since you can’t possibly know how many wasps are in a nest at any given time, leave wasp nest removal to the experts at Little Giant Beekeepers.

mud dauber nest

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Many social wasps produce nests that are constructed predominantly from paper pulp. The kind of wood used varies and this gives a distinctive color to nests of different species.  Paper wasp nests are generally characterized by having open combs with cells and a constricted stalk that anchors the nest.

Like mud nests, paper wasp nests can contain a few or several hundred cells.  If you have nests on your porch or under your eaves, and you need wasp control in Forth Worth, call Little Giant Beekeepers.

piece of honeycomb on table

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